It’s 40 degrees today. I drug out the shorts. And also the paper mache mask I made in 8th grade.

Yeah, I’m cool.

Outfit: cardigan – kohls, a long time ago. blouse – love culture. shorts – love culture. boots – grandpa’s. jewelry – charming charlie.

(told you I was cool.)


Me and all my friends are poets of the deed,
we’re exactly what this country needs.
We scratch until we’re drunk, we drink until we bleed.
We are what we believe.
Pentameter in attack, iambic pulse in the veins,
free verse powered of the street light mains,
an Iliad played out without a shadow of doubt
between the end of the club and the sun coming out.

I felt like a cute, modern librarian in this outfit. Rather pleased with how it came out.

My mother’s copy of the Wizard of Oz from when she was just a girl.

Shirt: thrifted. Skirt: Target. Shoes: thrifted.

This past weekend was fairly eventful. I went to go see The Birds (go see it, it’s great!) at The Guthrie early in the afternoon with my mother. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we spent quite a bit of time on the patio looking over St. Anthony Falls and soaking in the sun. Afterwards we went to go sign the lease for my new apartment at the University Commons in Minneapolis. So, so excited to finally live in the greatest city on Earth. I’m absolutely in love with the apartment itself, it’s cute and airy and comes with a brand new TV, which never hurts. After a quick Tea Garden run (did I mention my apartment will be two blocks from Tea Garden? I can deal..) we met my dad and his best friend to watch the Gopher hockey team beat the SeaDogs 7-3. It was a great end to a wonderful day. :)

Dress: Love Culture. Blazer: Maurices. Wedges: Forever 21. Jewelry: Charming Charlie.

This ring is my new favorite. I found it at Charming Charlie and wore it around the store the rest of the time we shopped… I’m obsessed. It reminds of the doctor bird-masks that were worn after The Black Plague. It’s definitely an eye catcher!

Minneapolis from The Guthrie. Just beautiful.

Spring break is here. A bit early it seems, but today it’s a gorgeous 51 degrees so it definitely feels like it here in Minnesota. Today I woke up bright and early and had a little crafting spree with two girls I work with, Alex & Ashley. I made part of my best friend’s birthday present (she’s 21 today, hi Char!) and reconstructed a few t-shirts, while Alex made an awesome Bob Dylan lunchbox and Ashley made a button bracelet.

Some lovely paper I used in a certain project.. ;)

t-shirts pre-reconstructing. pictures of how they turned out will pop up later. Anywho, on to what I wore..

Sweatshirt: Forever 21. Tank Top: Charlotte Russe. Shorts: Cut from an old pair of capris. Nylons: Target. Boots: Amazon.


Then I changed because I am completely indecisive about my outfits, all the time.

Rob Zombie Shirt: Ragstock. Plaid Shirt: JCPenny’s, a long time ago?

This past weekend was an absolute blast. Friday night my best friend Charlotte and I drove down to the cities to hang out with my future roommate and on the way we stopped at some thrift stores (more on that in an upcoming post). We spent a ridiculous night at the U of M and narrowly escaped a run-in with the cops. Hilarity ensued.

Sunday night Jacey and I went to go see Atmosphere play at the Atwood Center in St. Cloud. It was a super fun show, Kill The Vultures especially impressed me. Atmosphere shows just always really make me appreciate my state and our music community. We have such a special music scene here in Minnesota, and the Welcome to Minnesota tour really highlights that. Anyways, here’s what I wore..

Top: Soda Blu, found at Opitz Outlet. Shorts: thrifted. Nylons: Target. Boots:

Crappy picture, but I LOVE the shoulder pads on this shirt. Nautical and feisty. Love love love them.

Jacey and I taking our obligatory silly picture.
And this is what I picked up at the show. I absolutely love the colors and the little details.. the loon in the lake, the beer bottles, the skull on the shore. Just perfect.