Welcome to Minnesota

This past weekend was an absolute blast. Friday night my best friend Charlotte and I drove down to the cities to hang out with my future roommate and on the way we stopped at some thrift stores (more on that in an upcoming post). We spent a ridiculous night at the U of M and narrowly escaped a run-in with the cops. Hilarity ensued.

Sunday night Jacey and I went to go see Atmosphere play at the Atwood Center in St. Cloud. It was a super fun show, Kill The Vultures especially impressed me. Atmosphere shows just always really make me appreciate my state and our music community. We have such a special music scene here in Minnesota, and the Welcome to Minnesota tour really highlights that. Anyways, here’s what I wore..

Top: Soda Blu, found at Opitz Outlet. Shorts: thrifted. Nylons: Target. Boots: Amazon.com

Crappy picture, but I LOVE the shoulder pads on this shirt. Nautical and feisty. Love love love them.

Jacey and I taking our obligatory silly picture.
And this is what I picked up at the show. I absolutely love the colors and the little details.. the loon in the lake, the beer bottles, the skull on the shore. Just perfect.


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