Thrifty Finds


The other day my friend Natalie and I decided to walk through all of the thrift/antique stores in the area. I found an amazing WWII navy hat in great condition and with a beautiful anchor all polished and nice, but it had to be bought along with the whole uniform. I don’t really have $90 to drop on a navy uniform, much less have much use for it… I just wanted that dang hat. Anyways! Our trip was not unsuccessful because I found these beauties:

AND they fit. Perfectly.

Couldn’t find much info on them, regarding how old they are, ect..

I couldn’t believe my luck. Only $10! I scooped up the box and held them like a baby the rest of the time we wandered through the shop.


I love the little hearts. I love these shoes. Everything about them is perfect. They look great with everything I’ve paired them with thus far. So excited for spring so I can let these babies make their debut!